Q: What Type Of Gift Card Is This?

A: This is a Hotel and Resort Card with over 100,000 hotels to choose from. 

Q: Does the Hotel and Resort Card Expire?

A: No, The Hotel and Resort eGift card NEVER expires.

Q: If I have multiple Hotel & Resort Cards, can I apply them to the same reservation?

A: If you have multiple cards (codes) you can consolidate them here: http://hotelandresortcard.com/card_consolidation.php and use the code with the new value.

 Q: How does the Resort & Hotel Card Work - How much of a discount do I get for each booking?

A: First, search for your desired hotel, the Instant Savings is shown on the top of the payment page. For additional information go to the How it Works link: http://www.hotelandresortcard.com/how_it_works.php

 Q: I purchased the Resort & Hotel Card Work and changed my mind about using it - Can I get a refund?

A: Each vendor has their own policy and you will need to contact the vendor as we do not process refunds.

 Q: I purchased a Hotel and Resort PIN, and never received the PIN number(s) - What should I do?

A: Please contact the vendor where you purchased the offer and ask them to resend your Hotel and Resort PIN Number(s).

Q: Do I receive/use a PIN or a physical Card?

A: Depending on where you made your purchase will determine whether you get an electronic pin or physical card.  Typically if you made your purchase on the internet you will receive and electronic pin unless otherwise stated.

Q: Can I apply other discounts (i.e AAA, AARP, corporate discounts, etc...) along with my hotel card reservation?

A: No, when making a reservation on our site, the only discount that can be used is the card number associated with our site and cannot be combined with other offers.

Q: Can I use all the dollars on my gift card on one booking?

A: Yes, if the Instant Savings is equal to or greater than the amount of dollars you have in your gift card.  The amount of dollars in your eGift card will NEVER pay for the full amount of the room as you will ALWAYS need to pay the difference with your credit or debit card.

 Q: Where can I redeem my Hotel and Resort Card?

A: Your card can only be redeemed on this site, not on any other travel site, not through an agent, or not directly through the hotel.

Q: Is there a listing of all the hotels on your site?

A: While there is no specific list of hotels; to see our inventory, just search in your desired city & state by your desired date range. 

Q. I can't find any hotels in the system.

A. Go to www.Google.com, then
    1. Look up the property you want to stay at,
    2. Find the EXACT CITY it is located in,
    3. Go back to www.hotelandresortcard.com and enter the EXACT CITY you found
    4. Continue to make your reservation and get your Instant Savings

Q: Does HRC reveal the name of the hotel and the amount of savings prior to making a reservation?

A:Unlike Priceline and other booking engines there are no surprises you get to book the named hotel and know your savings before you pay and your reservation is refundable based on the hotels refund policy.

 Q: How do I use my Hotel and Resort Card when making a reservation?

A: After you activate your pin number, you can click on the Booking link and search for your desired date and destination for your hotel stay. You are then provided the best prices for your desired stay; you will then enter your card number and click "Apply Discount Now" to receive your discount which will then be applied and deducted from the final cost of your reservation. You will be able to see the available discount amount for each hotel prior to applying your pin number. Any unused balance on your card will remain and can be applied towards future bookings as they never expire. For further detail on how to use your card, click here: http://www.hotelandresortcard.com/how_it_works.php

Q: Are there any hooks, restrictions, or strings attached?

A: No, you can use the card for any hotel on this site. The available discount for each hotel will be shown prior to applying your card.

Q: Can I use Hotel and Resort Card dollars on non hotel room services?

A: No, Hotel and Resort Card Dollars can only be applied towards hotel and rooms, and not for other services like meals, parking, etc.

Q: Can I earn Hotel points when booking via the Hotel and Resort Card website?

A: Not for the actual hotel room, but, for any incidentials, such as meals, parking, etc. you will still earn your Hotel points.

Q: Can I get a new Hotel and Resort Card if I lose it.

A: Since the card is worth real money, we are sorry, but we cannot replace your card.

 Q: Will the value of my card pay for my entire stay?

A: NO.  You will be able to apply the Instant Savings and need to pay the balance with your credit card.

 Q: Are there any limits to the discount I can receive?

A: NO. unlike other hotel cards there's no limit. 

 Q: When I make a booking, will my credit card be charged now?

A: Yes, Your credit card will be charged the balance of the amount due and in the event of a cancellation your charges will be reversed. 

 Q: Will I get a Hotel confirmation number?

A: Yes, you can always confirm your confirmation at the hotel. 

 Q: What if I want to change my reservation?

A: If the change is related to bed type and/or room type (assuming it's the same pricing), you can contact the hotel directly and see if they can make the change for you, if not, and if you need to change dates, etc. you will need to cancel your booking, and then re-book. Please do the cancelation on our website at https://www.hotelandresortcard.com/cancellations.php

 Q: What if I want to cancel my reservation?

A: Most bookings are refundable, please review terms prior to booking. In the event your booking is refundable then follow the instructions associated with your particular booking for a change/cancel/refund, etc.

 Q: If I cancel my reservation, will I lose the amount applied from my Hotel and Resort Card?

A:If you cancel within the hotel's allowed cancellation period, the discount used will be re-applied to your card (you will not lose it).


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This is a not a Hilton Gift Card
Please note: This is a discount program and the amount of money that you have in your eGift card will never pay for the full cost of a hotel stay.
You may or may not be able to use the full value of your eGift card on one booking. Your eGift card never expires.


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